Ya-Ua a delightful balance of healthy and tasty.

Have you ever wondered what Ya-Ua really meant?
"In Vietnam, yogurt is known by a couple of different names: sua chua (sour milk) and da ua, pronounced
"ya-orh," which is actually a transliteration of yaourt, reflecting the dish's origins during French colonization."
– Gourmet Magazine article | October 2009

The name is truly simple, but at the same time it brings
to you the knowledge of one of the tastiest Vietnamese
treats around. We hope that these four letters will become
apart of every family. Ya-Ua! Ya-Ua's flavors offer the perfect blend of sweetness (condensed milk, a staple of the Vietnamese pantry) and tanginess. And who can pass up Homemade Organic Yogurt?

Grand Opening Saturday, October 23!